Online Classes

Join Master Guang Zhi Xing as he launches his new live online Tai Chi and Qigong classes. An easy to follow mind-body-spirit practice to improve one’s mental and physical health by boosting the immune system, incorporating posture, supporting lungs and respiratory system through proper breathing.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Master Guang started offering online classes to his current students six times a week as a way to stay healthy. Due to overwhelming response, he decided to offer his classes to everyone hoping that it will also help and benefit others.

Not ready yet? Here are answers to some questions you may have

What do I need to join your online classes?

  • Classes are open to everyone and in all fitness level
  • Students can select to take 2, 3, or 5 classes a week. Payments will be in a form of a Check or Paypal
  • You will need to download the Zoom application to the equipment of your choice (PC, Tablet, Cellphone, etc). Zoom is free for all participants.

What classes are offered right now?

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
6 – 6:45PM 6 – 6:45PM 6 – 6:45PM 6 – 6:45PM 9 – 9:45AM
Taichi Chen Tibetan Qigong Taichi Chen Tibetan Qigong Qigong All Level
New short 38 form
Focusing on whole body strength, power, self-defense, energy & coordination
Gentle Qigong for heart, lungs, breathing & relaxation New short 38 form
Focusing on whole body strength, power, self-defense, energy & coordination
Gentle Qigong for heart, lungs, breathing & relaxation Qigong All Level

How much does this cost per month?

  • $60 for two classes on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • $60 for two classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • $80 for three classes on Mon, Wed and Saturdays
  • $80 for three classes on Tue, Thu and Saturdays
  • $100 for five classes each week

How do I Pay for the Sessions?

  • PayPal
  • Check – written out to YYTA. Please mail to YYTA at 22E Andover Drive, West Hartford, CT 06110

What terms and conditions apply to payments?

  • Yin Yang Taichi Academy (aka YYTA) can accept payment via PayPal at this time. You are responsible for ensuring the correct amount is provided
  • Tuition is due monthly. Payment should be received on or before the start of every month. New students starting in the middle of a month should contact the school
  • Classes missed are the participant’s responsibility and are non-refundable. Refunds or discounting of fees will be considered only as a result of extreme external impacts or extenuating circumstances. YYTA cannot accept responsibility for changes to individual’s personal circumstances that prevent attendance
  • In the event of the Master Guang is unable to teach a class, a qualified replacement instructor will be arranged for that class

How Do I log in and join a scheduled Zoom meeting?

  • A link with the Meeting ID and password will be sent to you before the class. Please email to if you have not received your link or if you have any question.
  • Open your Zoom app on the equipment of your choice to take the class, click on Join and enter the meeting Id and password that was emailed to you earlier.
  • We ask that you login at least 10-15 minutes before the session starts. If you run into problems, please contact us at or send a message thru GroupMe.
  • Please note, due to additional security measures, each class will be closed from entry after 10 minutes.

How can I get more information on how Zoom works?

We recommend you watch this video especially if you have never used Zoom before

***DISCLAIMER: Participation and use of Zoom classes, YouTube videos and all other activities offered via an electronic medium, is entirely at your own risk. Yin Yang Taichi Academy, LLC,, Master Guangzhi Xing, its teachers, and its staff assume no liability for any injuries, losses or damages.  It is recommended to consult your physician before attempting any exercise, and follow his or her advice.  It is your responsibility to judge your level of physical ability, and stop if you experience pain, dizziness, nausea or extreme discomfort.  You are responsible for exercising within your limits and assume all risk of injury to your person or property.

Ready to start on your path to better health online?